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Here we are totally in our element - as varied as your wishes and needs of our manufacturing and delivery.

Whether plastic, wood or wood-aluminum, which forms, styles or colors - we have
... good solutions around your house!

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Wooden windows and doors of Gross GmbH
are in our own production artisan produced:

1) From Nordic pine wood. This timber is much slower and has grown closer ring. That is why the timber free of distortion and weathering resistant than our native pine.

2) On each horizontal bottom edge of wings are called wing covers made of aluminum to match the color of the window mounted. Thus, the most sensitive point of the ideal wood window protected.

3) There are widespread rain sheets at the bottom of the frame rails are used, so a better end edge for rain created. Again, there is a vulnerability in the wooden windowconstructively defused.

4) The surface is treated 4 fold. It is doubly dipped with Sikkens primers, each with 8 - 10 hours drying time.
The wood can be optimally with the wood protection vacuum, so the surface permanently protected against weathering.

5) We use the fittings G-U/BKS from Ditzingen near Stuttgart. These are up to 130 kg weight designed wing. Moreover, we generally lower locks with stainless steel mushroom pin executed. So it will be extremely difficult for intruders. Depending on the need for security, we can fittings up to a level of security WK 2 upgrade.

GROSS Fensterbau GmbH
... good solutions around your house!