... good solutions
    arround your house !

    01. Windows

    02. Roll Shutters

    03. Panel Shutters

    04. Blinds

    05. Awnings

    06. House Doors

    07. Canopies

    08. Winter Gardens

    09. Home Doors

    10. Glazing

    11. Security

    12. Service + Maintenance

Our services for you
We are here for you basic information about our product, manufacturing and service program.

Of course, there are a lot more information, facts and arguments - but this would blow up that framework and probably only contribute to confusion.

Look around and just talk to us.

We are pleased to inform you personally about all the details, answer your questions, call prices and plan with you the timing. See you soon!


GROSS Fensterbau GmbH
... good solutions around your house!